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Ever since he was a teenager, Paul Allen was determined to make a difference in the lives of others, and he wanted to use the word of God to achieve this. Allen is living out his dream as St. Paul, a gospel singer/songwriter, who is prepared to connect with his audience, even if it means going outside of traditional Christian genre. “My music is designed to reach everybody and that’s important. Church people will love it and the youths in the clubs can also vibe to it,” he said. Two of St. Paul’s latest songs, ‘Don’t You Ever Give Up’ and ‘Dreamer’ are dancehall-inspired tracks geared to a younger audience. He sees nothing wrong with reaching out to persons who don’t share his religious beliefs. “You have many people who don’t go to church, but are believers. It is them who I want to reach,” St. Paul explained. Another new St. Paul song, ‘Love Jamaica’, is a patriotic tribute to the land of his birth. Paul Allen, who was raised in the Church of God denomination, has been involved in music his entire life.

Born in Montego Bay, Paul became a follower and a fan of the city’s sound system circuit. It was not until 1990 when he immigrated to the United States that he realized his dream of being a recording artiste. In 2007 he recorded the inspirational song, ‘Be Yourself’, which was followed by ‘Moses’ and ‘I’ll Always Love You’, which followed a similar vein. St. Paul expresses that though he wants to reach a diverse audience, he will not lower his standards for commercial gain. Because of his love for children, St.Paul emphasizes that, “My music is not just for adults, it’s for the children too. If the kids can’t listen to your music it makes no sense.”





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